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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students

In this post the most demanded method " Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students " is covered. 

There are many methods available on Internet for earning online.

Lets start with the Most Famous Facebook Research App

1. Facebook Research App-

In Facebook research app you have to do nothing but just have to keep the Facebook research app installed in your mobile. It gives 5$ for just keeping the app in your mobile and also gives you additional $'s for inviting your friends to join the Facebook research program.The Facebook research app is not available on Play store or any other platform. To get the link of the app you have to fill a form. The link of form is Form For Facebook Research App.
For this app You require PayPal account if you don't have it don't worry creating PayPal account is a very easy process.You can read about creating PayPal account at "How to create PayPal Account In India".

How To Join Facebook Research App Program?

  1. First of all, you need a PayPal Account to join the program. (Create PayPal Account if you don’t have)
  2. Then, you need an invitation to join the program.
  3. Fill up a joining form using this FB RESEARCH APP FORM.
  4. You can also comment your PayPal Email and Full Name below in the comment section. 
  5. Then, we will invite you to the program.
  6. You will get a mail within 48 hours.
  7. In the mail, click on the registration link and fill up all the details.
  8. After that, you will again get a mail 1-3 days with apk link and your installation code.
  9. Just download the app and install it.
  10. After installation, open the app and enter your code which you will get by mail.
  11. Enable accessibility and give all the permission to the app.
  12. Now, restart your mobile.
  13. Now, you will again get a mail within 1-3 days of successful installation.
  14. Now, just keep app install on your mobile to get money in PayPal.

2. YouTube Channel-

How to earn money from YouTube?

Setup a YouTube channel and earn money online:
How to setup your YouTube Channel?

Simply, start with a Google account and sign in to YouTube. Decide on the genre and name beforehand. Also, create unique thumbnail and cover images before you start. To maintain a workflow, it is advisable to create sufficient content from the beginning before you start your channel. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to have two or three weeks of planned and ready-to-upload videos. This will help you to be regular and consistent. The basics of production suggest that you make videos mute-friendly with proper subtitles and incorporate a good voice-over. 

After getting these basics right, you should aim to get enrolled to YouTube Partner Program with 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Once this is achieved, you will have to connect your YouTube channel to a Google Adsense account to get paid for monetised videos. 
You can check your earnings from YouTube or by signing in Google Adsense account.

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3.Google AdSense -

How to earn from a website with Google Adsense:

If you own a website and want to earn money from it then follow these steps.
Your website should have at least 30 to 50 original articles written by you. Do not copy and write articles on your website. From my experience, if you write articles about health the Google Adsense account will be approved by Google as soon as possible. If your articles are original and you did not copy and write articles then Adsense account will be approved with any niche articles. Again I’m saying this, don’t copy and write content on your website.
Now Make a new Gmail account, and search Google Adsense in in Google search engine. Now click on the official site of Adsense and signup for Google Adsense. Fill up your information and fill your website URL/domain name Submit it for review. It will take some days to approve your Google Adsense account.

Source-The Techmos

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